Perfecting the Art of Social Media

DohaCreatives Community asked some of Doha’s social media gurus to exclusively share the one piece of advice they would give to social media enthusiasts. I was chosen as one of those gurus to participate with a few tips.

Perfecting the Art of Social Media

Perfecting the Art of Social Media

My advice was the following:

  • Always remember that Social Media is a Human to Human (H2H) interaction. Forget about business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B) interaction, it’s all about H2H! Be authentic, have a transparent attitude and a genuine tone of voice.
  • Don’t over-market your content! Rather than promoting your brand and advertising it yourself, it’s always best to focus on earned media attention whereby your fans and followers speak positively of your brand.
  • Content is king! Without creative, entertaining, and relevant content your social media platforms will lose traction no matter how hard you try to promote your brand.

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ahussam Tips

ahussam Tips


Roundup For The 2015 Ramadan Commercials

Every year, Ramadan Commercials, Programs, Series become the most talked about topics in Egypt. Brands compete to capture the hearts and minds of the audience whom are becoming ever harder to please with every passing year.

Here is my roundup (in alphabetical order) for the 2015 Ramadan commercials

To view the full review and videos, proceed to Digital Boom here:, I’ve covered the below commercials:

    • AAIB
    • Al Arousa
    • Banque Misr
    • Crunch Egypt
    • Cottonil
    • Degla Palms
    • Embrator
    • Etisalat
    • Fox
    • Italian Square
    • Lamar
    • Lion
    • Mega Ice Cream
    • Mobinil
    • Mountain View
    • Mousa Coast
    • Nescafe
    • Telecom Egypt
    • Om Hassan
    • Unionaire
    • Universal
    • Vodafone
    • and lastly, The Donations Collection:
      • 57357 Cancer Institute
      • 500500 Cancer Institute
      • Magdy Yacoub Institute
      • Ma3an Institute
      • Masr Al Kheir Institute
      • Orman Hospital for Cancer
      • Baheya Hospital

Learn How To Win Like Obama on Social Media

We might all remember how US President Obama proved the importance and power of Social Media in his 2008 presidential campaign against senator McCain. He was able to secure 55 million US dollars in one month from campaigning through Social Media channels, while senator McCain was only able to secure 11 million during the same period using traditional methods.


The New Obama Twitter Account Smart Activation

Although Obama has been always an active and prominent figure on Social Media since then with almost 60 million followers on Twitter, yet he was still able to surprise us and draw our attention to his new official government account, @POTUS (President of the United States)

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The Creative Twitter Account of the British Ambassador

When I first noticed the tweets of Mr. John Casson, The British Ambassador to Egypt, he was addressing the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and referring to someone who had tweeted to his account asking to work as the Egyptian Ambassador in the UK! Instead of giving a blunt official answer or ignoring the sarcastic tweet, the Ambassador simply quoted the tweet to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, saying “Someone wants to work with you”.

I immediately realized this as a perfect example of “Forget about B2C & B2B, it’s H2H” from my recent article “The 10 Social Media Facts They Are Not Telling You”

The British Ambassador is Promoting Tourism to Egypt!

I started reading through his recent tweets only to find them all interesting and fun to read. I was surprised to find 2 threads of hashtags that one would usually expect from the Egyptian Tourism Authority or the very least by Egyptian influencers interested in promoting their country, #ReasonsToLikeCairo and #ReasonsToLikeAlexandria, the posts show someone who is both very knowledgeable with the local culture and having a creative sense of humor.


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The 10 Social Media Facts They Are Not Telling You

Agencies usually fail to tell you about these 10 Social Media facts that have proven true over the years despite the diverse policies and strategies each company applies for their online marketing.

Understanding the truth about Social Media when you are working online will save you a lot of headache and frustration down the line and will make you stand out from competition.

1- No, It’s not about how many fans or followers you have

Having lots of fan or followers is a good thing, but this should not be your sole goal, People often fall into the trap of chasing follower numbers which is like trying to book more empty seats (more fans), forgetting that you need audience to fill up those seats (engagement) by liking, sharing, retweeting, commenting…etc


2- No, You don’t have to be on every platform

Choose the platforms which are more likely to have your target audience and which better serves your industry and content, you do not need to be on every single social media platform and jump into every new platform. Find focus on providing value on the networks where your customers and prospects are most active. Better to not be somewhere than to have a presence there and ignore it.

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Ayadina Restaurant, A Brand Attack Gone Wrong?

Usually in any brand attack we “the public audience” are clearly aware of the one specific reason that sparked the attack. United Airlines guitar and Domino’s Pizza cases in 2009, Kevin Smith vs Southwest airlines in 2010, and in Egypt #VodaFly the Anti-Vodafone “Abbas Ibn Firnas Ad” campaign also in 2010, or the Left Bank valet case just last year (2014) just to name a few examples – however in this specific case I was confused.

Let’s go through this in detail and try to understand and analyze the case

The first time I noticed the case is when Ahmed Wasel posted this photo on his timeline Saturday 28th complaining about a Minimum charge of 150LE per person being enforced on them by the restaurant and above that over 400LE worth of items were added by the restaurant to sum up to a large invoice.


The total invoice amount is 1616.39LE

which leads to problem #1

(150LE x 15 = 2250LE not 1616LE), so I started to wonder if there was really any forced minimum charge?

Ahmed Wasel also mentioned that 400LE worth of extra items being added to the invoice, so if we take that into consideration and also remove the 12% service charge and 10% sales tax (which is added by law to every café or restaurant invoice)
1616.39 – 157.44 (service charge) – 146.95 (sales tax) = 1312LE – 400LE = 912LE

and this amount leads to problem #2

It is ordinary in Egypt to pay anywhere from 100 to 200LE per person when dining out at a similar restaurant and 912 / 15 persons = 60LE (and even 1616 / 15 = 107LE) which is low amount to pay and should be considered cheap – You can’t blame a Ferrari for being expensive if you don’t want to pay for it.

Reading down through the comments I notice Heba M. Jackoub trying to re-explain the case stating that the initial invoice was 800LE and the waiter informed them about the 150LE policy and just added 800LE worth of items (so is it 400LE or 800LE!!?) to sum up the amount to 1600LE

and here comes problem #3

If this is actually what happened then this is a pretty straight forward case! Just don’t pay, speak with the manager and/or report to the authorities or Consumer Protection – case closed, why all the fuss and noise? (Although in my personal opinion – how much should a person expect to pay in a Lebanese restaurant in City Stars? 107LE per person is normal if not cheap)…

Continue to the full article at Digital Boom here:

Twitter Madness! – a unique case-study (Part 2)

In continuation of my “field study” – which is mentioned in part 1 of this post –  here are some more unexpected findings:

  1. In total I gained 105 new followers (15% extra followers)
  2. I lost only 15 followers (only 2% loss)
  3. 12 (10%) of the new followers followed me after I had stopped tweeting (my conclusion is they are coming from RTs by other tweeps)
in further analyzing my new followers I noticed the following:
  1. 59 (over 50%) of my new followers had a Klout score of 40 or more – 27 of which were above 50
  2. 30 of my new followers had a Klout score between 20 & 39
  3. 22 of my new followers had more than 10,000 followers  themselves (9 were above 20,000)
  4. 39 of my new followers had followers between 1000 & 9999
The below chart shows my new followers by the number of followers they have:
Number of followers
This next chart shows the distribution of my new followers according to their Klout score, apparently they are mostly ‘good value” tweeps, and not 3rd rate as some may expect.

Klout score for the new followers

Twitter Madness! – a unique case-study

On Friday, 29th of April – Etisalat Misr announced a competition directed to Twitter users, the rules were very simple – use the #moretolife hashtag as much as you can “without SPAM” and the person with the most number of tweets by 5:00pm May 11th will be the winner.

As a social media strategist, I decided to enter this competition as a field experiment and address 2 issues, the competition itself, and the madness of Twitter-scape.

1) Choice of the #moretolife hashtag
Any competition should have a goal, usually this goal mainly benefits the owner (the brand) in some way and adds some value to the community through awareness, culture, charity, cause …etc. in Etisalat’s case, this could have been true if the campaign was mentioning @EtisalatMisr instead of the slogan #moretolife so as to increase followers or brand awareness, or they could have launched a parallel campaign offline using traditional media, and used a hashtag to promote this campaign.
However, the choice of #moretolife added no value to anyone, it didn’t relate directly to the brand, it didn’t increase awareness, and there was no rule to use the hashtag in a creative way so as to promote the Etisalat slogan – simply it was a meaningless choice.

2) Competition Duration
Have this type of competition over an extended period of time, which is 2 weeks only promotes SPAM, the top 10 were determined from the first few hours, and extending the competition more than 2 days only converted it into a game of musical chairs were the top 10 are exchanging ranks over the course of the day.

3) The Rules
One of the rules was that Repeatedly using, and thus abusing, the #moretolife hashtag will be considered SPAM, well almost 940 tweeps joined in on the competition generating around 45000 tweets within the first 5 days, the top 10 alone (1%) generated 64% of the tweets (almost 26,000 tweets) – check the chart below:

Summarizr Archive for the #moretolife hashtag

The question is how can (on average) a tweet every 3min not be considered as “Repeatedly using…”? if we take the top 3 alone, they are tweeting every 1 or 2min – yet they are legitimate contestants who are considered by Etisalat as not abusing or spamming.

Another strange rule was that a contestant will be considered SPAMming if and when the #moretolife hashtag in used in blank, empty, meaningless tweets, regardless of the confusion of trying to understand the difference between blank and empty, what is the definition of meaningless? see the below random sample of tweets from the top 5 contestants (I removed the account names for anonymousness):

Random tweets from the top 5 contestants

If Etisalat had another idea for meaningless, they really had to give us examples! – and do they expect to monitor almost 10,000 tweets per day to filter out meaningless tweets anyway?

4) Legitimacy
Only one main issue remains, the legitimacy of the competition itself – according to Twitter – a person is considered to spam If you post multiple unrelated updates to a topic using #!

Now, enough said about the competition, all the above is mostly straight forward logic to anyone using Twitter, the part that really surprised me was the reaction from twitter-scape, I was expecting a mass unfollow trend, mostly throughout the duration of the competition – which did happen, but what I never expected at all, was the even greater addition of new followers – I started out with only 690 followers on Friday April 29th, 5 days later I was 773 followers strong, taking into consideration that I almost lost 100 followers during the same time-period, that’s a really remarkable phenomena!

Twitter Statistics by

The above chart shows the sudden jump in number of followers towards the right end of the chart, which is when I started to Tweet every 2min or so, another jump was in my Klout score (, which is a measurement of my overall online influence, it too jumped suddenly once I started flooding my timeline with tweets, see below:

Klout score

So the question I would ask now: is the rate of gaining new followers directly proportional to the tweet rate? I kept the type of tweets mostly the same before and after engaging into the competition, yes I lost some followers, but I gained almost double the number I lost.
The conclusion I reached is that a steady and constant flow of tweets throughout the day is a guaranteed formula for gaining a good number of followers, of course 2min between tweets is extreme, but I would recommend around 10~20min between tweets (100~140 tweets daily) as a good rate.

I also highly recommend reading the post Social Media Use or Abuse? by Doha Shawky which is also related to the same topic. – by the way, I’m stopping my participation in the competition, not because I’m losing, I’m actually in the top 5 since the start, and stopped when I was in 3rd place  but because this is Twitter Madness 🙂