Twitter Madness! – a unique case-study (Part 2)

In continuation of my “field study” – which is mentioned in part 1 of this post –  here are some more unexpected findings:

  1. In total I gained 105 new followers (15% extra followers)
  2. I lost only 15 followers (only 2% loss)
  3. 12 (10%) of the new followers followed me after I had stopped tweeting (my conclusion is they are coming from RTs by other tweeps)
in further analyzing my new followers I noticed the following:
  1. 59 (over 50%) of my new followers had a Klout score of 40 or more – 27 of which were above 50
  2. 30 of my new followers had a Klout score between 20 & 39
  3. 22 of my new followers had more than 10,000 followers  themselves (9 were above 20,000)
  4. 39 of my new followers had followers between 1000 & 9999
The below chart shows my new followers by the number of followers they have:
Number of followers
This next chart shows the distribution of my new followers according to their Klout score, apparently they are mostly ‘good value” tweeps, and not 3rd rate as some may expect.

Klout score for the new followers

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